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5 benefits of joining lash classes in an academy

The lash market is expected to reach $ 1.5 billion by 2026. The application of lash extension is one of the fastest-growing trends in the beauty industry. The procedure enables individuals to get fashionable and voluminous lashes in daily life. The treatment is most beneficial to people who are not blessed with natural lashes. The beauty industry will need more lash technicians to keep up with the growing demand from customers. Now is the right time for aspirants to become lash technicians as a lucrative career option that costs less money and time.

Whether you want to be a lash artist or a salon owner, learning and improving your lash extension application skills will help in furthering your career. Moreover, you need to know about beauty trends to thrive in the industry. Fortunately, there is no dearth of online lash courses for aspirants. But, joining lash classes in an academy is the ultimate way to get theoretical and practical skills. Let us look at the benefits of classroom training for students:

1. Improve your practical skills

The application of lash extensions is not easy. The process requires extended practice to apply for extensions on natural hairs perfectly. The task demands focus, concentration, and skills from technicians. All these skills come with practice on the dummies. Given the intricacy of the job, customers look for highly trained and professional technicians for services. Otherwise, the lash procedure will be a nightmare for clients with poor results.

The lash training can benefit in the following ways:

Boost your lash-applying skills

Earn skills to stand out in the market

Getting a certificate opens up new career opportunities.

2. Higher income

Certified and experienced lash technicians are likely to earn more at the workplace. The demand for lash specialists is high in the market. But, they come with a hefty price tag. That is because clients are ready to pay any amount for the treatment as long as they are getting alluring and desired results.

Moreover, joining in the certification training and work experience is an essential part of the licensing for lash technicians. Salons and companies provide higher salaries to trained and certified employees.

3. Be your own boss

Did you know that 70% of the lash technicians work as freelancers? Yes, you heard it right. Most of the trained lash technicians work as freelancers or open their salons. It doesn’t mean there are no job opportunities in the market. The freelancing lash artists work on their convenient schedules and at the price they want. They decide their working hours and location for clients.

Lash Training is a vital way to kickstart an interesting career option. At the same, they enjoy the freedom and earn more by opening a salon.

4. Cost less money and time

Unlike other vocational courses, lash training is short and costs less money to aspirants. The training period can run up to 3 months and trained students can start working in the beauty industry. Aspirants can join in the lash classes with a few hundred dollars to be ready for the job.

5. Enhance your value

Trained lash professionals are more likely to succeed in the market than self-taught individuals. The value for professionals passing out from a reputed academy or recognized course is more. The recognized certification can be a vital selling point for jobs or acquiring clients.

Where to get quality lash training in Beverly Hills?

Winxed is a reputed lash academy in Beverly Hills. The academy is headed by a professional lash technician with years of experience in this field. The training includes gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills working on the dummies. Short training prepares students to be ready for the job.

Call us on 310-869-0775 to book your seat now.

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