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5 tips to maintain voluminous and fuller lash extensions

The beauty industry has witnessed several beauty trends, such as heated curlers, mascara, and artificial lash enhancement over the years. But no beauty secret has got as popular as lash extensions. The technique enables women to get fuller, natural-looking, and voluminous lashes. The process is ideal to fill in thin or sparse lashes. Moreover, there is no need to use mascara and curlers once you have them. It means you can save time while getting ready for the office or party every day. Enrich your look with beautiful eyelash extensions.

5 tips to maintain your lash extensions

Lash extension is a method of getting semi-permanent lashes. The method involves attaching extensions to natural lashes with glue. The glue needs to dry to increase the bond strength. Moreover, customers need to follow after-care instructions recommended by lash artists. Let us look at 5 tips to maintain the durability of lash extensions:

1. Keep lashes dry for 24 hours after application: After applying for your lash extensions, the adhesive requires time to dry and bond with the natural lashes. Moisture and water can weaken the bonds, causing them to fall prematurely. Avoid water, steam, and sweat during this period. Let the lashes dry for at least 24 hours after application.

2. Take care of your delicate lashes: Want to avoid damage to your applied lashes? Be gentle and careful with your lashes. Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes to prevent damage to your natural lashes, which leads to the falling of lashes prematurely. Clean your face with a gentle touch and avoid tugging at your lashes.

3. Keep the lashes clean: Cleaning lashes is essential for their durability. Oils, dirt, and debris build up on lashes over time, which makes them less vibrant and fall off immediately. Use a gentle lash cleanser without any oil content to clean your lashes. Further, you can use a lint-free cloth that doesn’t leave any fiber behind on the lashes.

4. Brush your lashes regularly: Regular brushing of lashes is an effective way of maintaining the appearance of lashes. But make sure to use a clean brush to comb through the lashes and avoid tangles. In this way, you can keep your lashes neat and natural-looking.

5. Schedule touch-up appointments: Lash extensions will naturally shed over time when your natural lashes grow. As a result, lashes will lose their volume and appearance. Schedule an appointment with a lash artist for a touch-up. Technicians will add new extensions to fill in gaps to maintain the lash volume and fuller look. Experts recommend going for a touch-up every 2-3 weeks.

Where to book professional lash extensions in LA?

If you are looking for beautiful lashes in daily life, book lash extensions in Los Angeles from Winxed to get professional services. The qualified lash artists will offer this treatment based on your requirement to improve your personality. It will enrich your look with beautiful and fuller lashes.

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