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5 tips to make your lash extensions last longer

Making eyelashes is an integral part of your daily makeup routine. You need to spend precious time applying mascara and even wear falsies to look beautiful. But, wouldn’t it be great if you can get lengthy and voluminous lashes without any effort? If you don’t want to spend precious time making up your lashes every day, then lash extensions in Los Angeles will be right for you. The short treatment with a lash technician will bring flawless and smooth lashes that last longer. The process is a boon for individuals with fewer lashes to curl or lift in daily life. But, this technique gives deceitful and natural-looking lashes to accentuate the beauty of your face.

5 tips to make your eyelash extensions last longer

Like any beauty treatment, lash extension too requires proper care to get the desired results. Here are 5 essential tips that eyelash technicians recommend to customers after the treatment to increase its durability:

1. Stay away from water for 48 hours

The lash extension treatment involves gluing of tiny hairs in extending their length. The joint of hairs will be weak if they are washed with water. For the longevity of lashes, you must avoid using water for the first two days after the treatment. Avoid splashing in the pool or taking a bath wetting the lashes to fall off immediately.

2. Sleep on your back

Do you have a habit of sleeping on your sideways or your stomach? If yes, you must avoid these sleeping positions. Give sleeping on your back a try to avoid pressing lashes against the pillow and other surfaces to cause unnecessary damages. When there is pressure against the lashes, they loosen and fall out immediately.

3. Brush regularly

Brush the lash extensions regularly to increase their lifespan. Use a clean spoolie brush or mascara wand to brush the lashes. Brushing should be gentle to avoid pulling them out. Regular brushing help to keep lashes straight and avoid crisscrossing to enjoy a full and flawless look.

4. Don’t play with lashes

Many people have a habit of touching and playing with eyelashes. Doing this regularly will make lashes fall out fast than they should. As fake lashes are glued to the natural ones, they will shed naturally. So, avoid pulling out or tugging natural lashes along with the extensions.

5. Schedule appointment for touch-ups

Though lash extensions last longer than single-wear falsies, yet they last only for two or three weeks. Schedule an appointment with the technician to get infills to get voluminous lashes and be always camera ready. Regular touch-ups from technicians will help you to maintain the longevity and volume of eyelashes for a long period.

At Winxed, we offer professional Beverly Hills lashes to celebrity and local customers. With experienced technicians, our eyelash extension treatment is result-oriented and affordable to everyone. With so lash extension services, our technicians have aced the art of delivering perfect lashes to individuals based on their personality and look. Contact us to schedule your appointment now.

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