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5 tips to reduce pain in waxing process

Getting smooth skin is a great thing especially in the summer season to wear a skirt or bikini. Women can flaunt their beautiful bodies with confidence at the beach and other places. The desire to get smooth and beautiful skin pushes women to wax or trimming. Waxing is undoubtedly one of the best methods of hair removal available in the market. It removes hairs from the root and this process gives glowing skin for 3 to 4 weeks. For a durable result, waxing is a better choice though it may be a bit expensive than trimming.

On the contrary, trimming removes hairs from the surface. Hairs grow back within 3 to 7 days. Thus, customers need to look for a reliable salon to get desired and durable results in this treatment. The technician must be careful while booking an appointment for this service. Here are some ways to reduce pain in this treatment:

1. Research for a reputed salon

The first step to getting a great waxing experience is going to a reputed salon. Make sure to research for a legitimate salon having certified technicians to offer this treatment. Check out the reviews online or ask your friend for help to find out a reliable beauty salon. This is important considering the safety standards followed by reputed salons are unquestionable to avoid an infection.

Without proper handling, the pain may increase for customers. There will be redness, rashes, bump, scarring, and infection. Thus, experienced technicians are necessary for this purpose.

2. Don't exfoliate before waxing

People have varying levels of skin sensitivity. The skin sensitivity increases when using products containing retinol or exfoliating ingredients. Avoid using scrubs and other exfoliating products to avoid getting pain or burning sensation in the treatment. Stop using retinol products at least a week before making an appointment with the salon.

3. Recommend using numbing agents

Waxing is moderately painful, but it depends upon your pain tolerance. If you can't bear the pain, use numbing agents in the waxing areas, such as the bikini area, eyebrows, armpit, and others. The anesthetic will numb the area to reduce the pain. Even putting ice and taking pain relievers can help reduce the pain. Post this treatment, don't forget to use an aloe-based cream to minimize the burning sensation.

4. Don't hit the gym fast

Avoid sweating in the gym quickly after the waxing treatment. That is because sweating increases the risk of spreading bacteria to the smooth skin. Moreover, you should avoid using tight-fitting clothes. Delay your plan of sweating out in the gym to get a painless waxing experience. Otherwise, you will face several complications later.

5. Avoid waxing at home

For a durable result in waxing, you need a qualified technician to perform the procedure. Moreover, it is difficult to wax your body without any external. It is better to leave this job to the professionals. For instance, our experienced technicians offering waxing in Beverly Hills use proven methods to minimize pain. Moreover, several tips are given to customers to get durable results.

Do you want to enjoy flawless and smooth skin in daily life?

Waxing is a better option for removing unwanted body hair. Book an appointment 310-869-0775 for waxing at affordable prices.

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