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6 pro tips for durable lash extensions

Eyelashes add beauty and give a delightful appearance. Everyone wishes to get flawless lashes to improve their personality and facial beauty. However, not all people are blessed with natural eyelashes. The lash treatment is essential to get alluring lashes with the desired shape and length. The procedure to get fuller and flawless lashes is a boon for individuals dealing with sparse or no eyelashes owing to health conditions.

A variety of lashes are available in the market. Salons offer this treatment with the help of professional and certified technicians. Moreover, applying for extensions on natural lashes needs expertise, focus, and tools. That is why certified lash technicians are essential for this job to complete with desirable results. Search for a renowned salon for lash extensions in Los Angeles before booking your appointment. Qualified technicians can deliver smooth, shining, and voluminous lashes in the treatment.

Pro tips for lash extensions maintenance

Lash extensions add beauty and shine to natural lashes. They look fuller and natural as extensions are done from the hair tip. But, lash extensions can pull off fast without proper maintenance and precaution. The extended lashes can last up to 6 weeks after the treatment with proper maintenance and precaution. Touch-ups and appointments with technicians will help you to extend its durability. Let us look at the 6 pro tips to keep lash extension long-lasting:

1. Keep your eyelashes clean

Dust and dirt stick to the eyelash extensions. The dust makes eyelash extension looks dull and unattractive. Stop being lazy and clean the eyelash extension often with a gentle foam cleanser. But, make sure the cleaner is free from oil to avoid damaging the extensions. Carry a cleaning brush to use in rinsing lashes regularly and pat them with dry clothes.

2. Avoid using mascara

Eyelash extensions relieve you from applying mascara daily. There is no need to use mascara daily and increase its weight. If you prefer applying mascara, use it sparingly and remove them with eye makeup remover.

3. Be gentle with lashes

Eyelashes are delicate as the eyes. Don’t rub the eyelashes that may uproot the lash extensions. Moreover, take care of lashes with gentle cleaning, and brushing, and keep them dry.

4. Discard the eye cream

Rather than an eye cream use the eye serum carefully. Ensure that the eye serum doesn’t get close to the eyes or eyelashes. We recommend customers discard eye cream as it contains oils that weaken the glue in lash extensions. As a result, hairs fall prematurely.

5. Sleep on your back

Sleeping on the back is a good precaution to avoid damaging the eyelash extension. If you have a habit of sleeping on the front, chance this habit as it damages the eyelashes. It is a complete no for customers after the treatment.

6. Avoid 3s post-treatment

The three S that you need to avoid after the treatment are shower, steam, and swimming within 48 hours. The period is sensitive as glues are settling with lashes. The eyelash extension will fall off immediately by indulging in three things.

Where to get professional lash services?

Winxed is a Beverly Hills-based salon that provides quality lash treatment to customers. You can book an appointment for Beverly Hills lashes from certified technicians. The salon is reputed for lash treatment in Los Angeles.

Call us on 310-869-0775 to book an appointment now.

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