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6 things to know about Ombre brows before the treatment

The popularity of Ombre Powder Brows is growing with each passing day. Many people think this treatment will be the next big thing in the beauty industry. The semi-permanent treatment helps customers to get beautiful and fuller eyebrows. The natural-looking eyebrows are durable and safe for clients. Many women have already included the treatment in their beauty regimen. The technique has got acceptance by customers due to the ability to give a customized look.

But, what does this semi-permanent technique entail for clients? Let us look at 6 things to know before making an appointment for this treatment:

What are Ombre Powder Brows?

Ombre brows, also called Powdered brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling method that helps to beautify your brows. The technique involves shading to get natural-looking brows with a powder effect. Technicians combine dots and shading to fill brows to make them look symmetrical and fuller. Women get a customized and defined eyebrow look in the treatment. Thus, every woman is falling in love with this beauty trend nowadays.

1. How is the treatment done?

Technicians use a sharp and sterile blade to create fine cuts in the skin. Cuts are filled with the pigment of the desired color. After healing, customers get fuller, voluminous, and defined eyebrows that look real.

2. Durability

Ombre Powder brows can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance and care. After two years, eyebrows fade and need a consultation with technicians. You need at least three sessions to get the desired result in the eyebrows.

3. Who should go for Ombre brows?

Ombre brows work on almost all skin types. The treatment is suitable for those who have little or no natural eyebrows. The styling method will give fuller and more natural-looking eyebrows that last longer. The technique is a boon for individuals suffering from alopecia and other problems.

4. Is it painful?

Ombre brows are less invasive and painful than microblading. Yet it gives a sensation on the skin during treatment. But, technicians guide clients to make this process less stressful and painless.

5. How to heal the skin?

Customers need to take care of Ombre brows and let the skin heal after the session. Avoid wetting eyebrows for about one week after the treatment. Moreover, you should avoid applying makeup for 12-14 days. Never touch or peel off the scabs. Avoid heavy sun exposure and wash your brows. Follow the instruction of brow artists to get the desired result.

6. How to get the desired Ombre brows?

The result in Ombre brows depends upon many factors. One of the crucial factors is booking an appointment with professional technicians. Don’t put the fate of your eyebrows in the hand of an experienced technician. The method needs professional artists with prior experience in this field. Otherwise, the appointment may end up ruining your eyebrows.

Want to get beautiful and customized brows in daily life?

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