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7 reasons why waxing is better than shaving

When it comes to hair removal, many people still resort to shaving. But, waxing is a much better technique of hair removal besides saving your time, safety and caring for sensitive skin. Not to forget the number of injuries that occur to people while shaving intimate areas with blades. Here are 7 amazing reasons why waxing is better than shaving in daily life:

1. Smooth and flawless for a longer period

Hairs take only a few days to regrow after shaving. Within a week, you will start to feel prickly with the re-growth of hair. However, the skin will remain smooth and radiant for almost three weeks after the waxing. That is because waxing pulls out the hair from its root, and thus, taking more time to grow back. In this busy lifestyle, you can save the time required in shaving for some other valuable works.

2. Thinner hairs

Many people report having thinner and lighter hair after regular waxing. However, shaving makes the hair coarse and thicker. That is because hairs grow back from the thickest part of the follicles.

3. Less painful than shaving

Waxing can hurt especially for the first time. However, the pain will be minimum for individuals getting the quality wax from a professional technician. The expert technicians provide pre and post care of your skin to reduce pain in the procedure. Some ointments are available to provide soothing and cooling to the red skin following your treatment.

4. Saves your time

Shaving in intimate areas can be time-consuming besides being risky. Save your precious time by getting waxed by a qualified professional. The treatment is quite efficient and fast than shaving by standing at different angles inside the bathroom. Waxing gives smooth skin that doubles your confidence after the treatment.

5. Choose a suitable treatment for your skin

There are a variety of waxes available in the market. Choose a product that is suitable for your skin type. For sensitive and allergic skin, there are suitable products available. In this way, you can avoid skin irritation and red rashes on the skin. Moreover, you can consult with the lash technicians for the best product.

6. Exfoliate your skin

Waxing removes dead skin cells present on the surface. The dead cells are a collection of oil and dirt that clogged the pores, causing many skin conditions. The process leaves dead cells and gives radiant and healthy skin.

7. A better result than shaving

Wax leaves your skin looking fresh and smooth without any spot. There won’t be any ingrown as it removes the hair from its roots. On the contrary, shaving cuts the hairs from the surface only leaving the roots. It grows back immediately. So, waxing gives a better finish than shaving.

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Waxing is way much better than shaving as a hair removal process. However, you must consult with the best waxing technicians for suitable results. Waxing in Beverly Hills can be done by certified technicians of Winxed. Experienced professionals provide this service to celebrities and others. Contact us to book an appointment now.

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