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7 things to know before microblading your eyebrows

Eyebrows are an integral part of the beauty regimen for women. They spend so much time plucking, waxing, threading, and filing brows. Every woman wants to get perfectly shaped and exotic brows every time. But, that doesn’t mean women are averse to getting a permanent solution. The permanent makeup requires low-maintenance commitment. That is where microblading has become a go-to option for women who need low-maintenance and semi-permanent brows in daily life. The arch-perfecting procedure has received thump up from beauty experts and enthusiasts alike from around the world.

Want to know if microblading is an ideal choice? Here are 7 facts that you need to know before microblading your brows:

1. Microblading is tattooing with a bit of difference

Microblading uses tiny needles to deposit pigment in the epidermis layer of your skin similar to traditional tattooing. The procedure is designed to create natural hair-like strokes that look beautiful and fuller. Permanent makeup in Los Angeles helps to create durable and natural-looking brows.

2. A bit painful

The procedure has little to no discomfort to customers. There will be redness and mild swelling in the treatment. Technicians use topical numbing cream to make the procedure less painful for customers.

3. Not for everyone

Microblading is not for everyone. Nursing and pregnant women are not good candidates for this treatment. Artists even caution patients undergoing chemotherapy and having blood thinner from undergoing this procedure.

4. Result depends on your skin type

People with dry skin tend to get a better result in the process. They can retain crisp strokes and pigment. People with oily skin get softer and less crisp strokes. So, this process is not for individuals with oily skin.

5. Microblading won’t impact your natural hair growth

There is a myth being circulated that microblading stops natural hair growth. The truth is natural hair grows even after microblading. But, the treatment should be done properly.

6. Artists can make or break your look

The end results in microblading depend upon the expertise of an artist. Look for technicians with genuine credentials and experience in this field. Choosing an experienced brow artist is important for safety and getting a personalized look. Inexperienced artists can break your look. Moreover, properly done microblading brows can last 12 to 24 months depending on the skin type and lifestyle. Research the artists before booking an appointment.

7. Follow the after-care tips of technicians

The skin needs a few weeks to heal completely. Avoid working out, submerging your face in the water, and applying cosmetics in the healing period. Use lukewarm water and cotton to wipe two to three times a day to get the best result. It will heal the tiny wound of the needle fast and give you a fresh look.

Where to get microblading in Los Angeles?

Microblading is an ideal option for women to get beautiful and fuller eyebrows. But, you must book an appointment with a certified and experienced artist to get the desired result. Winxed is a reputed salon that offers trusted brow procedures to customers. Enjoy a session of microblading in Los Angeles from us to get customized eyebrows.

Contact us on 310-869-0775 to book your session now.

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