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7 tips to get beautiful and flawless skin in the waxing

Unwanted hairs in the body are a concern for many fashion-conscious women. They can't wear short-dress that reveals unwanted hairs causing much embarrassment in public appearances.

Among the hair removal techniques, waxing has become a widely accepted method for women to get flawless and glowing skin. The process involves removing unwanted body hairs by covering with a sticky substance called wax, and then pulling them out with follicles.

How to get the best result in the waxing procedure?

The best result in the waxing procedure comes after taking many steps. Customers not taking enough precautions may get mediocre results. Consequently, customers will not gain flawless and glowing skin in the process. The waxing technicians often recommend customers to take these steps before and after the waxing method:

1. Select a reputed place for the treatment

Many centers provide waxing in Beverly Hills, but customers must select a decent place for the procedure. The professional waxing procedure demands experience and skills from technicians to acquire the best results. Apart from that, there should be certified technicians and dermatologists to perform that task.

2. Schedule an appointment strategically

Dermatologists advise women to go for a waxing one or two weeks after the period to be less painful and less swelling on the skin. If a customer plans for multiple beauty treatments such a massage, wax, facial, pedicure, and manicure, take recommendation from an expert. Do not take a wax before a massage as it causes problems in removing hairs. Further, it is advised not to wax after retinol as the treatment makes skin fragile and removes skin epidermis.

3. Exfoliate skin gently a night before treatment

Scrubbing removes the dead skin cells that clog hair follicles and result in ingrown. Exfoliate the skin to clear pores and hair follicles. Technicians see better results for customers doing gentle skin exfoliation a night before the treatment.

4. Avoid having a cocktail party before the procedure

Researches show that consumption of alcohol stimulates a specific type of pain receptor on the body. So, it is advised not to drink alcohol a night before the actual procedure. This will reduce the sensitivity to anything that causes pain.

5. Calm down skin irritation with milk

Pulling out of hair follicles causes skin redness and irritation. Combat the skin irritation and redness with skimmed milk and cold water, placing on the skin every few hours. Repeat the process to calm down the skin and heal immediately.

6. Combat ingrown with a cold pack

Combat bumps and ingrown applying a cold pack in the waxed area. It will close the pores and block the entry of bacteria. Wash the skin gently with body cleanser and treat with an ointment having aspirin as an ingredient.

7. Use Sunscreen with SPF 50 or above

Skin becomes susceptible to sunburn after the waxing process. Use sunscreen with a minimum SPF 50 before going out of the house or hitting the beach. It will protect the skin from sunburn damages.

Where to get professional waxing services in Beverly Hills?

Winxed is the best place to get professional waxing in Beverly Hills from certified technicians. Book an appointment with our experts now.

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