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An overview of the lash extension industry in the US

The lash extension industry is set to reach $1.5 billion in annual product sales by 2024. There is a high growth potential for eyelash artists and other cosmetologists. The industry is poised for healthy growth and job opportunities for trained and experienced lash technicians.

The primary targets of this industry are women, but nearly 2% of the customer base is women. Most customers are in the 18-34 age group and they prefer a local eyelash artist to customize their look. Witnessing the demand for technicians and the growth prospect that this industry holds, many people want to be a part of these upward curves. Thus, it is the right time to become an eyelash technician in the US.

Who are eyelash technicians?

An eyelash technician is a beauty professional specializing in the application of false eyelashes. The eyelash technicians apply lashes on eyelids to look like natural hairs. After the lash extensions application, technicians are responsible for guiding customers with tips to care for their new lashes. That includes avoiding rubbing and touching eyes as it weakens the adhesive in the extensions.

What do lash technicians do?

Lash technicians have a wide range of duties to perform, which include the following:

Consultation with clients

Cleaning eyelashes with an antimicrobial solution before applying extensions

Suggestion to select the best products suiting the facial features and preferences

Applying the false eyelash extensions

Provide post-treatment care instructions to prolong the lash life

Maintain the cleanliness of the salon to prevent infection and harmful conditions to customers

Provide touch-ups to the extensions

How to be ready for a lash technician job?

There is no shortcut to becoming a lash technician. You need to grind to acquire education, training, and experience. Employers seek qualified and skilled candidates. Moreover, you need certification from an authorized academy or institute to get a license and practice as a lash technician in some states of the US.

Apart from practical skills, technicians need to be good in communication, customer service, and product knowledge to achieve success in this field. The good thing is that all these things students learn in professional lash classes in Los Angeles. They even learn to improve creativity, focus, and patience. All these qualities are necessary for this profession.

Be your own boss

The most important benefit of becoming a lash technician is the freedom. You can work with an employer and earn a decent salary with experience. There is a high chance of opening a salon after gaining the essential experience and license from the concerned authority. With the increase in customer base and expertise, you will earn more in this field. The career prospects for students in this industry are huge.

Where to get quality lash training in LA?

Winxed is a reputed academy to get professional lash training from experienced teachers. Get theoretical and practical classes to be ready for the workplace. Students work on the mannequin to learn the tactics of applying lash lifts, curls, and extension precisely. In this way, you get ready for an excellent career in the beauty industry. Want to start your lash training in LA? Call us to get quality training from us.

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