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Everything you need to know about microblading of eyebrows

The thin and skinny brows were a fashionable thing earlier. Nowadays, women want thicker and fuller eyebrows to accentuate their facial features. However, everyone is not blessed with beautiful and thick eyebrows. Microblading has become the best solution for women who are struggling with thin and plucked brows. The procedure gives a semi-permanent solution to the victims who want beautiful brows in daily life.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique of filling your eyebrows with a semi-permanent tattoo ink to look like eyebrows. Like getting a tattoo, this procedure too needs a small needle fitted with a blade to create pigment under the skin. The treatment requires a skilled and expert technician to provide the right solution. Otherwise, the brows may not last long and coarser causing disappointment to customers.

There is a great buzz surrounding microblading in Los Angeles among fashionable women. Certified technicians provide the service with years of experience in this field. Aestheticians work to improve the brows volume and thickness with this treatment after a skin evaluation. Technicians offer a natural-looking and realistic look suitable for your face. However, it is super important to make an informed decision when it comes to getting a professional microblading treatment.

What are the benefits of eyebrow microblading?

The microblading of eyebrows comes with a host of benefits for customers. Taking this procedure from a reliable clinic helps to get a deceitful and natural-looking brow immediately. Here are some of the top benefits:

Secure and durable results -Like a tattoo, microblading of eyebrows can last two to three years after the treatment. Brows need a touch-up from a certified technician in between if it needs a boost.

Perfect for people with thin hairs -Microblading can be the best solution for people who have lost their brows in an illness, chemotherapy, and over-plucking of eyebrows.

Fast results for customers - The microblading procedure doesn’t require much time for treatment and recovery. The result is fast and secure for customers.

Save time in the makeup - After getting an eyebrow microblading, you can save much time in makeup or getting ready for office and other places. The best thing is that micro-bladed brows are waterproof.

Safe and less painful - The microblading treatment is entirely safe and doesn’t hurt the customers. Further, there is no side-effect of this method.

How to care brows after a microblading treatment?

Customers need to take care of brows after a microblading treatment to get the best results. Here are some steps that you need to take post this treatment:

Allow the eyebrows to dry and apply ointment on them

Keep the brows clean with water and mild cleanser

Do not use abrasive sponges to clean your eyebrows

Do not scrub your skin as it causes scar and removes pigment

Avoid direct exposure to sun and tanning before five weeks after this treatment.

Don’t use makeup for three weeks

Don’t take a hot shower, bathing in pool and others in three weeks

Wear sunscreen to avoid fading of pigment till the area is healed.


Microb lading is one of the best methods of getting a darker and thicker eyebrow nowadays. You must take this procedure from a certified technician or reputed salon to get the best results. The process requires skills and expertise to get a flawless brow by the customers.

Winxed is a popular place to get flawless eyebrows through professional microblading in Los Angeles. Book an appointment with our technicians for services now.

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