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Eyelash extension safe for my eyes?

Are you worried about the safety of eyes while applying an eyelash extension? If yes, you are in the right place to get your questions and concerns answered.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes necessary to enhance the look of natural lashes. When applied by a certified and skilled technician, eyelash extension are a great way to get fuller, voluminous and deceitful lashes in daily life without using mascara. Taking the lash extensions in Los Angeles would be helpful in getting desired look in daily life without wearing makeup before proceeding for office. Our technicians are skilled and possess excellent experiences in delivering this treatment to customers according to their personalities. In other words, lash extensions would help to save time while getting ready for office and other events.

On the contrary, when wrong adhesive is applied, they can cause irritation, infection and even lash loss. That is why you must consult with a certified technician while applying lashes. Moreover, the task of attaching single hairs to the natural lashes is not easy. It requires a lot of focus, skills, and use of right products to get the desired results. Apart from that, the treatment requires a few hours in attaching the hairs at the clinic. Otherwise, the lash extension service would create problems for your eyes.

Types of eyelash extensions available in the market

The eyelash extensions are made from several materials, such as faux mink, plastic fiber and silk. Before selecting the lash extensions, you must remember that that they should be waterproof and non-irritating with the use of surgical to resist heat and sweat to avoid falling off immediately. Branded glues are used which are medical-grade to ensure durability and do not cause irritation to skin types.

Why are eyelash extensions perfect for you?

If you don’t like to apply mascara before heading to the office, eyelash extensions can be a better solution. The treatment is a semi-permanent solution and saves a lot of time from your daily routine.

Moreover, eyelash extensions are better than wearing false eyelashes in daily life. The process is long and requires gluing while wearing falsies which may come off prematurely. However, eyelash extensions are durable and remains intact with a few touch-ups from technicians.

While undergoing this treatment, you can select the length, thickness, and type of curl you want in the lashes. In the process, you get shiny and deceitful lashes which can’t be distinguished easily from natural ones.

Few steps to follow in eyelash extensions

Eyelashes are situated close to the eyes. So, it is necessary to take preventive measure to avoid unwanted damages to the eyes. Our technicians offering Beverly Hills lashes are qualified and experienced to deliver the best results in the process. Here are the steps followed by our technicians during the treatment:

- Clean your eyes gently

- Use surgical tape to avoid gluing lower and upper lashes in the process

- Natural lashes are isolated with tweezer

- The artificial lashes will be attached on the top of natural lashes


Eyelash extension is a great semi-permanent solution of enhancing the volume, thickness, and length of natural lashes. Consequently, you don’t need to use mascara while getting ready for office and other events. It is really safe if it is done from a licensed technician with all the preventive measure in place. For professional lash extension services in Beverly Hills, call us now.

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