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How to find the best brow artist in Los Angeles?

Everyone wants to get skinny eyebrows nowadays. You either tweeze, shave or wax your eyebrows for that look. The sad thing is that hair doesn’t always grow back after these procedures. The desire to get alluring and exotic eyebrows hit the wall for various reasons.

Here comes microblading, a form of cosmetic tattooing. The technique uses a thin blade to create precise cuts on the epidermis. Pigments are applied to the cuts to get natural-looking and realistic eyebrows. The best thing is that this look lasts about 2 years with a few touch-ups. The procedure has become a boon for individuals with sparse or no brows to be proud of.

How to select the best microblading technician?

The best result in microblading comes with focus, skills, and attention to detail. Technicians acquire these qualities only by undergoing training from a reputed institution. Thus, customers should look at the qualification and skills of technicians before making an appointment. Let us look at the essential things to check before making an appointment with the technicians:

Licensed and qualified

The need for a brow artist certification varies from state to state. Some states require a supervising doctor to undertake this procedure. But, it is better to make an appointment with qualified and certified brow artists to get the desired result. Moreover, the technician must have proper training in the health and safety code standards, primarily trained in bloodborne pathogens.

Training from a recognized institution

The second most essential thing necessary to practice as a brow artist is quality training. Professional skills come only from quality training from a reputed institution. Theoretical and practical skills are developed only with actual microblading training on dummy models.

Clean environment in the salon

The salon should be clean with no chance of infection. The treatment involves tiny cuts on the skin. Technicians need to change gloves and undertake all precautions to ensure the client's safety. Even they should use only single-use and pre-sterilized blades to avoid infection. These are some measures taken by reputed salons for the safety of customers.


Microblading is not for everyone. Pregnant women, diabetic, and allergic individuals must not go for this treatment. Reputed salons offer consultations to customers before the actual treatment. Technicians check the client's health history to avoid any adverse reaction after the procedure. Moreover, you can ask the technician about this procedure in the consultation session. In this way, you can rest assured that the process will improve your look.


The result in microblading depends upon the skills of professionals. Skilled technicians are most likely to deliver better results to customers after healing. Moreover, the technique demands focus, concentration, and attention to detail. Even a slight mistake in pigmentation can result in an awful look on eyebrows. Skilled technicians should always be the top priority for customers.

Book your microblading session with Winxed

Winxed is a reputed salon in Beverly Hills where celebrities get their dream eyebrows by undergoing this treatment. Certified technicians offer this treatment post consultation. If you are looking for a reputed salon for microblading in Los Angeles, this will be the best choice for you. Contact us to book your session now.

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