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5 tips for durable and beautiful brows in microblading

Not many people are blessed with beautiful eyebrows. People who love to get beautiful and fuller eyebrows are undergoing microblading nowadays. Microblading is a treatment that gives fuller and more natural-looking eyebrows, which lasts for a long time with proper maintenance and aftercare. There are a lot of people who are investing in this beauty treatment. The desire to get exotic and trendy brows can be fulfilled with this treatment.

Microblading has become a method of acquiring fuller and voluminous eyebrows in daily life. The treatment demands skilled and certified professionals be successful. Otherwise, the chance of getting durable and smooth hair is minimum. The vital part is taking care of hair after the treatment inside the clinic. Let us look at 5 tips to get durable eyebrows:

1. Follow the instruction of the brow artist

Microblading is a process of depositing pigment under the skin. The skin becomes red that needs healing to maintain its bold color. Follow the aftercare instruction offered by technicians with exactness to get desired results. Clients not following the recommendation of experts faces less success in brow treatment.

2. Avoid heavy exercise in the first 2 weeks

Heavy exercises sweat the body. The sweat fades the implanted pigment under the skin to appear blurry. There is a high chance of color fade during an intense workout due to sweating. Avoid strenuous exercise to prevent premature color fade after the treatment.

3. Avoid using cosmetic

Skincare products like anti-aging and anti-acne have retinol, retinal, and Benzoyl Peroxide that are harmful to your hair. The microblade strokes fade prematurely and make the color go gray. Avoid using the mentioned cosmetics after the microblading session.

4. Avoid direct sun exposure

Microbladed eyebrows are sensitive to sunlight. The exposure of microblade hair needs to be minimum. If you wish to go outside, apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn and fast color fade. In this way, you can prevent color fade.

5. Don’t swim in the pool

In the summer, people live by the swimming pool. Women should not take baths in salt and chlorinated water. These types of water cause the color to fade faster. Thus, it is crucial to avoid swimming in the beach pool to maintain the pigment.

But it doesn’t mean you should avoid visiting the beach. You need preparation to jump in the pool for a swim. Apply vaseline or aquaphor to the microbladed area before swimming in the water. It will protect your pigment from fading.

Where to get an appointment for microblading in LA?

Everyone desires to get a perfect microblading result in the treatment. But, this dream is not possible without an appointment with expert technicians. The experienced technicians of Winxed will guide you through the preparation and aftercare stages to get suitable results. Our expert technicians offer microblading in Los Angeles with precision and professionalism. As a result, customers are bound to get fuller and bold eyebrows in the treatment. The qualified technicians serve ordinary clients to celebrities of Hollywood. Wish to get beautiful and bold eyebrows?

Call our staff on 310-869-0775 to book a session for treatment now.

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