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Can lash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

The trend of having eyelash extensions is high among women in the beauty world of today. Women from different statuses undergo lash extensions to beautify their lashes. The process gives fuller, voluminous, and smooth eyelashes without any makeup. With the growing popularity of lash services, many salons are offering them without any professional qualification. As a result, customers taking an appointment with these salons may not get desired results. If you are interested in enhancing the lash looks, you must do some research to find a reliable place for this treatment. Moreover, you shouldn’t afraid to ask questions regarding lash services and their adverse effects on natural eyelashes and eyes.

Can eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Are eyelash extensions safe for my eyes? Can eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes? These are pertinent questions that crop up in the mind of customers before making an appointment with the lash technicians. Of course, you should research the lash treatment facts and find out safety tips before making an appointment.

The answer to your questions is no. When lash extensions are done by a certified and experienced technician, it is completely safe. The newly applied lashes will look fuller, voluminous, and smooth with minimal effort. There is no need to wear mascara to make hairs darker and smooth. But, this process can prove disastrous when hairs are not attached properly with the wrong adhesive. Glues may get inside the eyes causing severe irritation on the eyelids and cause inflammation.

How to get a safe eyelash extension in Los Angeles?

The best way to get the desired result in lash extensions in Los Angeles is to book an appointment with certified technicians. A certified eyelash artist is necessary for this job to get beautiful eyelashes. Skilled technicians possess concentration and patience which are essential on the job. That is because attaching single hair with adhesive is not easy unless one is experienced enough to do so. Hairs will be glued to each with causing severe irritation and problems for customers. Otherwise, you will mess natural hairs with glues causing irreversible damages. So, you must find a salon that has experienced and skilled lash professionals for the job.

Moreover, individuals having allergies and skin sensitivity are most likely to face allergic reactions on applying glues. Thus, technicians need to know about the allergy and skin types before providing this treatment.

For durability of applied lash extensions, certified technicians provide aftercare tips that customers must follow to get desired results. The tips include not rubbing the hairs, avoid oil usage, and others that weaken the glue fast. Like the natural hair life cycle, extensions may shed after a few days. Thus, you need a touchup to maintain the volume and smoothness of the hairs. For further information, you must ask the technicians after the treatment.

Lash extensions are safe if applied correctly!

Yes, lash extensions are safe if applied by professionals to get desired results. Winxed is popular in Beverly Hills that offers luxurious lashes to celebrities and regular customers. The salon offers exotic Beverly Hills lashes to customers based on the clients' personality. Contact us to book an appointment now.

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