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Why is Ombre powder brows the next big thing in the beauty industry?

When it comes to semi-permanent eyebrows, you might have used microblading to get blue, purple, or green eyebrows. The technique has got mass appeal due to its ability to create a realistic effect with hairlike strokes cut into the skin.

While microblading has got mass appeal and demand, a more advanced technique of creating semi-permanent eyebrows has come into the market. That is Ombre powder brows. The treatment differs from traditional tattooing, which gives a powdery and faded front with a crisp tail. In the last few years, Ombre powder brows have gained so much popularity for many good reasons.

Are you still not convinced? So, let us look at the reasons why Ombre brows powder is going to be the next big thing in the beauty industry:

Less painful

Ombre powder brows are less painful than blading techniques in microblading. The treatment uses an airbrush technique and causes less trauma to the skin. Unlike microblading, there will be minimal cutting into the skin to shed no blood. Customers often say they get a sensation similar to an electric toothbrush pressed against the skin with slight discomfort.

Less invasive

Microblading is the process of depositing pigment in the skin epidermis. There will be cuts and bleeding in the process. But, Ombre brows in Los Angeles uses a small machine to create fine dots of pigments in a shading technique. In other words, this is less invasive to the skin.


The result of Ombre powder brows varies depending on lifestyle, skin type, and customer health. The best thing is that high-quality pigments can last for 2-3 years. Choosing a reputed salon and professional is vital to get the desired result.

But, microblading is more likely to have blurred strokes and cuts that require healing. Moreover, it requires more touch-ups to fill up the lost pigments. Although both colors will fade, Ombre brows last longer than you expected.

Suitable for all skin types

Ombre powder brows work on all skin types, unlike microblading which doesn’t work on oily skin. The treatment requires many touch-ups for clients with oily skin, which cause severe problems to the skin. It means almost everyone can get this treatment to look beautiful.

A realistic look

Every client aims to get a realistic and natural look. That is what the Ombre powder brows do after the treatment. You will get a more filled-in look with a saturated and bold appearance post-healing. However, brows will fade 20-30% to give a soft finish and shape enabling customers to groom later. The natural look of this treatment makes it a popular choice for beauty-conscious individuals.

Book a semi-permanent makeup session in Los Angeles

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